SwipeSimple makes it easy for merchants to accept payments at a computer.
Now merchants have more ways than ever to accept credit card payments right from their computer using the streamlined, easy-to-use interface in SwipeSimple.  

New features:
  • Payment Links: Merchants can accept credit card payments on Instagram, Facebook, or their business website
  • Send invoices via SMS: Merchant sends via text message or email. Customer pays online using secure payment form.
To learn more, keep reading this email or visit the SwipeSimple website.

Payment Links

SwipeSimple Payment Links
Payment Links makes it easy to accept credit card payments anywhere on the web with just a link.

That means small businesses and nonprofits can:
  • Get paid for their products on Instagram, Facebook, and more
  • Raise funds for a good cause with an email campaign 
  • Accept "tips" for services after they're provided 

Payment Links can be created for a specific amount (say, $5), connected to products in the merchant's Item Catalog, or left open to let the customer choose the amount to pay.​​​
Demo Payment Links >

Send invoices via email and SMS text message

SwipeSimple Payment Links

Merchants can easily send invoices and get paid online with Invoices from SwipeSimple. Here's how it works:

  • Merchant sends invoice via email, SMS text message, or secure payment link
  • Recipient pays invoice online using their credit card
  • Invoice is automatically marked as "paid"
Plus, Invoices from SwipeSimple supports discounts, due dates, and can connect to your merchant's Item Catalog. 
Demo Invoices >
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